West Coast Cure Banana Cookies is a strain that you can identify easily. As its buds are covered with loads of yellow pistils. that gives it a banana-like appeal. With a smell and flavor that’s not unlike ripe bananas, this strain’s name surely won’t disappoint.

Its average THC level rests around the mid-twenties to low-30’s. Making it a potent strain with strong effects. Users have claimed that this Indica-dominant strain brings on sleepiness and lethargy as hunger arises. Fans of Banana Cookies tend to use it before bed to help them fall asleep, release tension in the muscles and joints, or for loss of appetite.

West Coast Cure Banana Cookies is the result of crossing the two popular strain Sour Diesel and Platinum OG.

West Coast Cure Banana Cookies Aroma

When describing a marijuana strain called Banana, it is pretty obvious what the first flavor notes are going to be.

However, if a strain had just one flavor in its aroma profile, most people would think it pretty dull. Good, reliable strains with potent characteristics have a myriad of deep, rich smells to their aroma and leave you coming back for more.

Despite its name, Banana has a lot more than just bananas. When you first smell it, you will get that initial whiff of slightly overripe bananas and the smell of ethylene. Buy West Coast Cure Banana Cookies

Once that initial smell passes, there is plenty of intense sweetness, plus a hint of a strangely nonspecific smell of tropical fruits.

What about its actual taste? Does it taste just as good as it smells?

Banana Cookies Flavor

Even though this strain is called banana Cookies, the first thing you notice when this dense and hazy smoke hits your tongue is not bananas.

Instead, you will notice a wave of potent sweetness, plus a general sensation of tropical flavors. It is almost like a pineapple and a gigantic pile of various tropical fruits assailed your tongue all at once.

Of course, after this initial wave passes, there are plenty of banana flavors. It has a gently fuzzy, almost tangy flavor profile of slightly too ripe bananas settling in very firmly on your tongue. West Coast Cure Banana Cookies for sale

While this might sound quite unpleasant, it is surprisingly delightful and refreshing. West Coast Cure Banana Cookies tastes just like really high-quality bananas that have sat on the counter for just a day too long. This effect provides even more sweetness than usual.

There is also a slight twang of that typical OG Kush flavor, with a slight skunkiness and intense diesel smell. That reminds you of stopping off in a roadside gas station. However, the taste of bananas and tropical fruits almost entirely wins out.

What about how this banana Cookies strain looks? Does it have an accompanying good appearance to match its unique flavor profile?

THC Content – Highest Test

banana Cookies is well known for its extraordinarily noticeable and sometimes overpowering effects. The fact that there’s such a great immediacy of impact means that it usually has a pretty high THC content.

Expect most samples of West Coast Cure Banana Cookies to contain as high as 25% THC, and as low as 18%. This means that this strain has been cultivated to have as much THC as can fit inside it, making it a massively potent strain that should not be taken lightly.

For those inexperienced with weed, you should avoid smoking too much at once, as this level of THC can be pretty dangerous to you if you aren’t prepared for it.

What about its CBD content?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As might be expected for a strain that has been bred to possess as much THC, there isn’t really any CBD to speak of

This is fairly typical of most OG Kush related strains. As there has been an effort to get much THC as possible, there isn’t any room left for any CBD.

So are there any medical benefits of the West Coast Cure Banana Cookies, considering it has such low CBD?

Medical Benefits of West Coast Cure Banana Cookies

Many people rather foolishly assume that, just because a strain doesn’t have a large quantity of CBD, it doesn’t have any useful medicinal applications.

In actual fact, strains like Banana with such massive THC contents are perfect for treating all manner of unpleasant conditions.

7 reviews for West Coast Cure Banana Cookies

  1. Tyriana kohl

    This strain is a migraine killer. Bravo!

  2. Jenny Carol

    yes this is a tasty treat good mind high for work are just getting stuff done . if you want to relax good also helps you sleep if u a heavy smoker #9

  3. Bobby Jindal

    This is the best strain to start smoking vape.

  4. Anthony Moore

    A classic it’s like the swiss army knife of weed useful for all conditions do give it a try if ya see it.

  5. Florence Clark

    fast customer service. only problem I had was delay on package. but I finally have in possession.

  6. winnie agu

    Relaxing and kind of euphoric high .

  7. Adrisa Walker

    Awesome products

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