Stoner Patch Tropical Mix is made with high-quality cannabis and infused with 350mg THC. This medicated treat packs a powerful, long-lasting punch. First, they’re sour; then they’re sweet… then you’re stoned.

How Many Stoner Patch Tropical Mix Should You Eat?

Start off with two gummies and gradually work your way up after an hour to see how you feel. Everyone is different and people have different tolerance levels that differ from you.

Start slow and work your way from there. With this in mind, Stoney Patch gummies do work and hit hard once the THC enters your bloodstream. In conclusion, it’s very easy to get carried away munching on Stoner Patch Dummies. Therefore, we strongly advise you to eat with caution. At last, they’re sour; then they’re sweet… then you’re stoned.

3 reviews for Stoner Patch Tropical Mix

  1. Jonathan Lewis

    Awesome experience and time

  2. Charles portte

    Lovely chocolate and swift and reliable delivery

  3. Kimberly hall

    A first time present. It was wonderfully recivied. The colours were vibrent and stunning and the chocos were were devine.will ordering again.

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