Stoner Patch Bulk Special is made with high-quality cannabis and infused with 350mg THC. This medicated treat packs a powerful, long-lasting punch. First, they’re sour; then they’re sweet… then you’re stoned.

This is a special bonus package from us. It contains 70 packs of a mixture of the different flavors.

Buy real Stoner Patch Bulk Special made with premium quality cannabis and infused with 350-500mg THC. The best tasting medicated stoner patches are the stoniest gummies you’ll ever eat! Stoney Patch Dummies are available in Blueberry, Grape, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Tropical Punch flavors. Each gummy is made up of extra cannabis ingredients to give it that extra strength for relief.

How Many Stoner Patch Should You Eat?

Start off with two gummies and gradually work your way up after an hour to see how you feel. Everyone is different and people have different tolerance levels that differ from you. Stoner Patch Bulk Special

Start slow and work your way from there. With this in mind, Stoney Patch gummies do work and hit hard once the THC enters your bloodstream. In conclusion, it’s very easy to get carried away munching on Stoner Patch Dummies. Therefore, we strongly advise you to eat with caution. At last, they’re sour; then they’re sweet… then you’re stoned.

3 reviews for Stoner Patch Bulk Special 70 Packs

  1. Eric monroe

    Good deal for small businesses. I’d advice any to take this into consideration and worth it out for their own betterment.

  2. Ranel Ratellick

    This package is the real deal. It come forth with double pack in them and awesome gift set aside . This is very affordable.

  3. William strapellio

    An absolutely wonderful company who provide such stunning parcels and gifts. It was perfect when it arrived and just what I imagined it would be when my husband opened it for his anniversary present. He absolutely loved it!
    As much as I wanted it to provide a 5 star, unfortunately it has to be a 4 on this occasion only because the courier provider they used sadly did not deliver on both occasions, both of which we were in to receive the package. Luckily Edible Blooms made it their mission to use a different courier to make sure it arrived the next day and also re-made a new order, so it was a fresh edible bloom bunch. Really appreciated their time and effort to delivering such a unique gift, thank you so much again.

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