Firstly, Flav Blueberry Belts are the citrusy, berry-flavored gummy belts. That are infused with premium cannabis, with the citrusy blueberry flavored sour gummy belts. Coated with sugar and infused with 10mg of THC per belt.

Furthermore, with 10 pieces per package, you’ll be able to accurately and safely medicate. At a level, you’re comfortable with. Sweet candy flavored with the benefits of premium cannabis, Flav Blueberry Belts makes medicating enjoyable.

In addition, Flav is a leading provider of medical-grade cannabis edibles in California. That is, the company uses only the purest extraction methods to ensure a full-spectrum concentrate. Mainly rich in THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Even terpenes, and flavonoids, to infuse into its Strawberry Belts. You get a sweet and sour taste explosion that, with 10-milligrams of THC per belt, will give you a notable “high.

Furthermore, Producing the best edible products on the market. Flav has become a household name in the cannabis industry. Flav uses an advanced scientific approach in the development of their extensive line of cannabis products. From the flowers used, the extraction process, and the finished products. Which makes it one of the best cannabis production industry. This line of cannabis edibles will not disappoint.

In addition, Flav cannabis-infused gummies offer controllable dosages. Each gummy containing 10 mg of THC and each package contains 10 gummies, making it a total dosage of 100 mg THC.

Lastly, these sugarcoated gummies are a delicious fruity treat. Infused with all-natural cannabis compounds. And a rich taste of blueberry, delivering the highest, sweetest, psychoactive experience. This is a fantastic product for daily use and a great Marijuana experience.

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  1. Alex Saucedo

    Awesome experience with bigchief. I like the quick response with the customer services .

  2. T Bone

    There are no exact words to say rn. But all I can think of; satisfying, energetic, relax and salivating . Keep up the good work guys .

  3. Andre Headspeth

    Exotic products.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .

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