Firstly, Flav Apple Rings are infused gummy candies. Combining sweet Apple and mouth-puckering sour flavors for a juicy, mouthwatering experience. That is, Recommended serving is one belt, the typical onset takes 30-40 minutes. And up to an hour for full effect. Like most hybrid edible products, Apple Rings gummies are perfect for those looking for a relaxing and/or calming experience. And are perfect for an after-work treat to help unwind at the end of the day.

Secondly, Flav Apple Rings provide the sugary sour experience you want to combine with your medication. With the sour apple-flavored gummy rings coated in sugar. Combined with 10 or 25mg of cannabis goodness per ring. These snacks allow you to medicate in a manner that you’re most comfortable with. Bursting with flavor and hitting just the right amount of weed goodness is what Flav does best with their Flav Apple Rings.

Medical Benefits

Thirdly, Flav Apple Rings cannabis-infused gummies offer controllable dosages. Each gummy containing 10 mg of THC, and each package contains 10 gummies, making it a total dosage of 100 mg THC.

Also, these sugarcoated gummies are a delicious fruity treat, infused with all-natural cannabis compounds. And a rich taste of Apple, delivering the highest, sweetest, psychoactive experience. This is a fantastic product for daily use and a great Marijuana experience. Which is good for people suffering from stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, based on the industry, Flav is a leading provider of medical-grade cannabis edibles in California. That is, the company uses only the purest extraction methods to ensure a full-spectrum concentrate. Mainly rich in THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Even terpenes, and flavonoids, to infuse into its  Apple Rings. You get a sweet and sour taste explosion that, with 10-milligrams of THC per belt, will give you a notable “high.”

Lastly, Cannabis-Infused Flav Apple Rings taste wonderful. For the folks who love the sugary sour experience!  It comes with the added goodness of THC, which makes it even better. It is best enjoyed when eaten piece by piece, as you get enraptured in the savoriness of uniquely blended terpenes while effectively medicating yourself.

6 reviews for Flav Apple Rings

  1. Jessie Nelson

    Wow!! What an awesome description here!! Great strain for a 60 year old with neurophathy!!! GREAT strain!!

  2. Jimmy k

    Good taste, good potency, but the packaging is extremely difficult to open. I finally had to cut off the resealable zipper in order to get to the gummies!

  3. Jiren sama

    Extremly tasty!

  4. 420druid

    I got these in like 2 days which is awesome. The gummies are really good too. They start working fast and last a long time. I really like em

  5. Carter Wayne

    The taste is what hits you then the couch lock take effect and mate it’s brilliant. The pain goes away and then it’s smooth sailing so to speak .

  6. That7dsgye

    Fast delivery service. Really works well.

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