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Big Chief Battery


-Battery last longer when fully charged.

-Get a USB type C Charger

-10 minute  fast charge



Big Chief Battery Big Chief n


Introducing our battery. big chief n, we took our time to craft the perfect device that can work well with live extracts, without hindering quality and purity. The half gram pods contain liquified THCa diamonds and HTE sauce or high terpene extract. Which gives the consumer a full spectrum experience from the first hit to the last. For a limited time all pods come with a quick charge USBC battery included.

 Pod battery issues

we all know, not all battery can carry each individual pod for longer amount of time. Also, most at times, battery often malfunction as a result of inproper use of device.  This has sum up to a good idea of us coming up with a complementary battery to help assist and replace old ones.



Frequently asked Questions:

How are you suppose to charge the battery ?

-Always use the type C charger and have battery charged over 10 mins.

Can battery be reused with other pods besides big chief ?

-Yes, the battery is reusable but battery will not work on other pods. If you can find one that fits, then you are good to go.

Can you refill the brown part ?

-Yes, you can refill it maybe once or twice before the wick dies out.

How can you tell your running low on battery?

-You get to know at the bottom you can see a red light

Does it light up while charging ?

-it lights up only for 6 seconds and then it goes out but its still charging.

big chief battery

THIS BATTERY is highly favourable as it has a powerful force to hold the pod for multiple hits. You can view at a very good aspect. That is, you can hit multiples times before the battery dies. It is always advisable you have the pod righfully fitted before charging.







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